Industrial Grade Silicone (DMS) Oil & Fluid

ECO USA manufactures industrial-grade silicone fluid in a full range of specifications and viscosities via a proprietary process.

Not only are we one of the leading privately owned silicone oil manufacturer and distributor in the USA, we’re also a primary supplier of silicone fluids for numerous factories worldwide.

If you’re looking to reduce carbon footprint and start introducing a greener silicone fluid stream into your production, make sure to speak with a consultant today.


  • eco-friendly
  • competitive prices
  • in stock, ready for shipment
  • guaranteed compatibility
  • request a free sample!


  • 350, 500, 1000 cSt in stock
  • custom viscosities available…
  • Clear, colorless, odorless
  • specific gravity .96 – .97
  • refractive index: 1.401 – 1.405 @ 25°C
  • flash point ≥ 300 °C

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