EMS-3635 / EMS-3610 silicone emulsions are proudly made in the USA formulated with our environmentally-friendly DMS-300 polydimethylsiloxane silicone fluids!

This is a 60% actives non-ionic silicone emulsion ideal for use in furniture and automotive dressing applications offering incredible gloss and water repellency characteristics. It is current being used in numerous tire shine and wax formulations across the nation. It is also a highly effective and low-cost mold release agent for rubber and plastic parts including stoppers, screw tops, bungs, and much more. ECO USA’s EMS-3635/3610 silicone emulsions can also be used as a textile lubricant in yarn manufacturing, hosiery manufacturing, and as sewing thread and needle lubrication.

EMS-3635: Formulated with 350cs polydimethylsiloxane silicone oil.

EMS-3610: Formulated with high viscosity 1000cs polydimethylsiloxane silicone oil.

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EMS-3635 / EMS-3610 Specifications

Specification Range
Active Content: 60-100%
Color: White
pH: 7-9.5
Specific Gravity @25°C: 1
Emulsion Type: Water based, Non-ionic

EMS-3635 / EMS-3610 SDS (download)

EMS-3635 SDS

Download the EMS-3635 SDS

EMS-3610 SDS

Download the EMS-3610 SDS


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